All USAA members can vote online to remove the USAA leadership that is supporting the NFL sponsorship. Each summer there is a proxy vote.  We will request the vote status of thoes board members who continue to support the sponsorship of the NFL.  


My vote will be to remove all who choose to stand with the NFL if I'm still a member at that time. If I am I promise I will vote.


I’ll vote for that
USAA Board is hoping we forget how tone-deaf they have been regarding NFL disrespect. We will definitely remember when Proxy Vote returns in summer of *
USAA Board is hoping we forget how tone-deaf they have been regarding NFL disrespect. We will definitely remember when Proxy Vote returns in *
My vote will be to unseat all, whether or not they support the NFL. Those who don't support the NFL obviously doesn't represent us well enough to keep their job either.
Guess USAA will now ban me permanently!
We need more representation voted in from the enlisted members.


I doubt if the voting info that USAA sends out will tell us who supported NFL advertising and who didn't.  One thing we can do is vote against all USAA nominated candidates and nominate our own slate.

This is comething new, i have never heard off.


Thanks for your support and courage. Fully concur with Brownie Bug as well. I was only disconnected for 5 days. It was a small price to pay for being loyal to our core military values of Duty, Honor, Country in a responsible manner.

You shouldn’t have to worry about being banned. We in the military all enjoy free legal advice and I had some assistance in forwarding to USAA a recent legal opinion in an ongoing federal court case from Manhattan federal court, U.S. District Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald who stated: "Once it is a public forum, you can't shut somebody up because you don't like what they're saying".

Quick story on the state of things. A few days ago I posted the comments from 3 military legends who spoke of those who show disrespect to our flag. Those 3 included:

1.) U.S. Army Master Sergeant Roy Benavidez. A U.S. Army Green Beret and Vietnam War Medal of Honor recipient.

2.) 4-Star Admiral, Retired, Bill McRaven. Navy SEAL and Former Commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command who oversaw the takedown of OBL.

3.) 4-Star Admiral Harry Harris. Current Commander of the U.S. Pacific Command and recently nominated by the President to serve as the next U.S. Ambassador to Australia.

After posting their 3 comments on those who show disrespect to our flag, some new member of USAA referred to those 3 military legends as “typical grunts who don’t understand civilian issues”. We decided to leave that very unfortunate comment alone.

I eat lunch every day at an MWR Club on a military base not too far from the Pacific Command HQs. The news is always on the TV and at some point during each lunch period a USAA commercial comes on. Let me just say it’s not a pretty picture in that club when that commercial comes on each day. That is a true and unfortunate story.