we will be getting a auto insurance dividen this year? if so when and how much


I was told by the 15th

Just curious ... Who told you by the 15th? I still haven't received an email or anything that they approved one? 

I called the subcribers account and dividend dept and was told I would be receiving something and its usually disbursed by the 15th or earlier.

by any chance did they say amount

No she couldn't tell me. She also didn't have the date when it would be released. She said nothing was scheduled as of yet.

wonder if it even got approved

The last couple of years the dividend has actually been applied toward my insurance payment so that the monthly payment is less. This has not been done yet this year so I was just wondering if we were getting a dividend this year. Thanks!

Thank you all for your comments in Community. Just a heads up, that automobile dividends, if authorized, are typically made in mid-December. Members will be notified by email if they signed up on usaa.com to receive their insurance documents electronically. Otherwise, you will be notified by mail. If you have any other questions, please be sure to visit the FAQ page. Thank you.

Angela, what is the date that if we don't hear about a dividend by, then we should assume one is not going to be issued this year. Some of us count as this as a little extra perk at this time of year, so will be helpful for us to know if it's not going to happen.


I think the latest I've ever seen one announced was December 12th, so we are getting close to that date.