My soldier and I have been together for just over 7 months, and only 4 were spent in physical presence. He's not fight


hang in there! Being a military spouse is a very patient position within the military. My advice is to keep busy if you don't already have kids to keep you busy. And be flexable with change. Nothing is ever set in stone, things can change at a blink of an eye. So, stay positive, patient and supportive. Because guarenteed it's harder on them being away from home than us being home alone. Soon you will be together and things will pick up where it was left off. Good luck to you and your new life!

Stay strong Lori and reach out to the other spouses and girlfriends in your Soldier's unit if possible. The last poster gave some great advice to stay busy. You can do it, lean on friends when necessary and take care of yourself. Thanks for leaving a comment and reaching out.