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Credit card replacement fiasco, horrible service!

Jul 6, 2017

So here's the story: On 1 July we get an automated call, pick it up since it's from USAA, and the credit card recording says we ha...

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USAA Social Service
J and J, your concerns are important to us and I can see why you'd be frustrated with this situation. We want to make s...


Jun 12, 2017

After undergoing an overbearing, annoying "third degree," I was able to close out an investment account. The most interesting aspe...

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Eventually, I told the guy he wasn't listening and to just close the account without further discussion.
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Ringmaster, Can you please elaborate on your experience? I had a similar problem when I closed my CDs. Their CSRs just ...

BOD Salaries and Advertising - Clearly Where USAA Spends...

Jun 8, 2017

Prior to the events of the past few weeks, I never knew the USAA Member Community message boards existed. While posting and readin...

Political correctness and consequences

Jun 7, 2017

In response to the whole decision on Hannity and advertising, I finally got my quotes from another insurance company. I had previo...

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So tired of political correctness; literally killing us! Good riddance to both above posts....
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I too am shopping for insurance in other places, will start to move money soon, my thougth is that I will leave just en...

Fox News & Hannity Advertising

Jun 7, 2017

USAA has apparently resolved the issue but since I couldn't respond in time I'd like to state now that I'm glad USAA chose to main...

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The 👍 up.


Jun 4, 2017

OK, I've heard it all now. I must admit I'm not a great fan of Hannity but I love Fox, Chris Wallace, Brett and Tucker. Having sai...

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A4s 4EVR
Maddow and Matthews are anti military and undercuts our troops and makes their difficult mission harder. I am livid tha...

Hannity advertising

Jun 3, 2017

Have you lost your corporate mind. Your business will suffer. Get off the liberal train and join true americans in supporting ever...

USAA/Hannity Accountabilty

Jun 3, 2017

Throughout this entire fiasco, there seems to be no accountability. The BoD and CEO have been MIA. Almost like "Let the children t...


Jun 3, 2017

I like many ex-military who have been USAA members for many years (nearly 50) are angry about USAA's eliminating ads on the Sean H...

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AMICA is a great optio . Best ratings in the country. Costs a little more but by far the best service.
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UAss Lies!
Hey Tex - spend 15 minutes and you can save 15% with GEICO - the little green guy. I actually saved more.

Politics ruins customer service

Jun 2, 2017

Why is it that the chairman of the board at USAA who is a political activist use his position to lean hard to one side of the poli...

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Let us know if you find one. I'd like to know where to go for decent service and good rates that are not determined by ...
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That's good humor. "Customer service". What customer service? I don't think USAA has had customer service a decade. The...
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