DHS with holding

Can you please post a statement, stating that you will assist members that might be affected by the gov if they don't reach an agr...

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Good morning, last time we faced a govt shut down, we were told that usaa would work with us to help bridge the gaps......
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Thank you for reaching out here in Community. We are following this issue very closely. Our government relations team i...

Pay Calendar

Does anyone have information or where could I go to, for military pay dates calendar for 2015 ?

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You can see the Military Pay Calander here   Thanks!
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Go to DFAS website

insurance eligibility

my father served in the navy and is currently a post man as his civilian job, I eligible for auto insurance ?

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DanielPic, Thanks for your question. Here are some details around USAA Eligibility: Who Can Join? -Active, retired and ...

In Eternal Remembrance - December 7, 1941

Pearl Harbor Wall of Casualties - Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (Jan. 20, 2004). Pearl Harbor survivor Bill Johnson stares atthe list of na...

Holding deposits

I will no longer be a USAA customer soon. Living paycheck to paycheck I can't afford for half of my check to be held every week. U...

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Me,be The+44yr
This is not a good bank for average income service members. Try a credit Union.

Posted at request of abrat friend who is not a USAA memb...

My old brat friend, Pete Cherry asked me to post this for him. I am an Army Brat, I was as a child and still am as an adult. I was...

Please Read & Share: Appeal to VA for World War II Vetera...

SHARE & LIKE THIS STORY ON FACEBOOK:https://www.facebook.com/eileenmaxson/posts/10152509514967005?pnref=storyJUST IN TIME for Vete...

USAA Financial Center

Will USAA ever consider a financial center at Westgate or at the Park west Plaza in Peoria?

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Arizona, in the west valley.

To Those Who Dared to Take the Oath

Thanks to USAA for the great Veterans Day tribute airing on TV this weekend. It's on YouTube with above title. I add my thanks to ...

Help with Highway Robery

My car broke down during a road trip thru TN. The mechanic in Jackson TN took it in and kept me up to date with diagnostic work vi...

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Logan's ride
I'm seeking USAA help now. I was on the phone with them and they suggested I search these posts for similar information...
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Cotton Candy
Did you see if your auto insurance company would supply u with a lawyer or local police dept in TN could help. Call the...