Where are we now in 2020 NRA, Sean Hannity, and BLM

I for one am appalled at how so many professionals are caving to liberal progressives and especially to anarchicists.


I have an auot loan with USAA and all my primary banking is done with them.


I also have another loan with another bank that is meeting today as to whether thefight not only the NRA but also the entire firearms manufacturing industry. If they do I intend to move that loan, even if it costs me.

But, I am deeply concerned with support for professional sports that have begun to openly support anarchist groups like blm, and I am hopeful that USAA will consider dropping support for NFL; NBA and any other4s who openly drop the knee to our Anthem or emblazon an anarchist groups logo on their playing field.

Now, where did USAA end up concerning the NRA and firearms manufacturers?

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And I am appalled that you would call BLM supporters anarchists.  Educate yourself on something other than FOX News Talking Points like there rest of your fellow Racist Trumpian Hillbilly buddies.