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Update on USAA’s Advertising Policy

Update on USAA’s Advertising Policy

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USAA's avatar User  USAA Community Manager

Last week, USAA became aware that our advertising policy was not being applied consistently, as USAA had been advertising in error on some opinion-based shows. As a result, we removed advertising on some programs including: “Hannity” on Fox News, “The Rachel Maddow Show” and “Hardball with Chris Matthews” on MSNBC, and “The Lead with Jake Tapper” on CNN. This decision had nothing to do with any specific topic on any of these programs and is not an endorsement or criticism of the shows or their content.


While USAA understands the value of these programs and believes in free speech, our policy exists to avoid any suggestion of bias or support for one set of views over another. We heard from many of you and recognize that our decision to stop advertising on Hannity created confusion and concern among those who believed USAA was caving to pressure or abandoning someone who is a strong supporter of the military. This was not the case.


However, we also understand that the lines between news and editorial are increasingly blurred. As such, we are reviewing our policy to determine how best to apply it in today’s environment and in line with our mission. While we do that, we will reinstate all previously removed ads on programs representing a variety of viewpoints later this week.


Since 1922, we have proudly served the military and their families. Our commitment is carried out every day through the way we care for our members during their times of greatest need from automobile accidents to catastrophic weather losses; the veterans and military spouses we employ; our willingness to provide loans at no interest when those serving don’t get paid; and the donations we make to our community and non-profit organizations dedicated to military family resiliency.


We remain steadfast in our commitment to our mission, living our core values and serving our members. Thank you for your membership.

So disappointed

SoPatronizing's avatar User  SoPatronizing  (Opens a pop up layer) Contributor

An explanation was provided by Roger Wildemuth, USAA spokesman, that the ads that were placed on The Hannity Fox Show were were placed in error as the company has a policy of not advertising on opinion-based shows. According to USAA, the company policy allows advertisements to appear on only news programming.  For USSA to think your customer base would not have the intelligence to see through this very simplistic and untruthful explanation is both insulting and patronizing.  As I understand it, USAA currently advertises on the following 'opinon' news shows; shows hosted by Rachel MaddowChris HayesLawrence O’Donnell, and Chris Matthews.  Good luck finding ANY news programming that is not 'chock full' of opinion based 'news' reporting, if that is truly your policy.


I would have expected better from a company that has received the support of life-long career service men, women and their families.  A truthful, honest and consistent policy would better represent both your customers and your company.  From my perspective, another one bites the dust and pushes so many of us into the cynicism that there may be few if any that cannot be easily manipulated - and then lie to excuse themselves.


Vote all USAA board member out of office

Paulskiya's avatar User  Paulskiya  (Opens a pop up layer) Occasional Contributor

Let's vote them snow flakes out of office. They are still playing adds on CNN and MSNBC but pulled Fox. Vote them out. Show your voice!!

Re: Vote all USAA board member out of office

Whipper-in's avatar User  Whipper-in  (Opens a pop up layer) Contributor

Very disappointed that Gen Les Lyles would permit this to happen.  I have worked for this gentleman (twice) and have difficulty believing he cannot fix this problem.


I, too, can make choices as to where to spend my money.  Those choices will probably exclude USAA so long as USAA chooses to back the leftist progressives and not one of the leading celebrity supporters of veterans and the military.


If I am still a member at the time of the next election, I know who will NOT get my vote.

USAA Caved to Liberals any suggestions on insurers who aren't liberal?

cavedtoliberals's avatar User  cavedtoliberals  (Opens a pop up layer) Contributor

Has anybody found another insurer/bank that has not caved to the liberal left? Looking to drop all of my USAA accounts.

Re: So disappointed

cavedtoliberals's avatar User  cavedtoliberals  (Opens a pop up layer) Contributor

Does he really think his customers are that stupid? So much BS coming from a weak kneed exec.

Re: USAA Caved to Liberals any suggestions on insurers who aren't liberal?

Stoner72's avatar User  Stoner72  (Opens a pop up layer) Contributor

I'm looking at Navy Federal or my home town Credit Union for banking.

Still not sure about insurance.

Re: USAA’s Advertising Policy

lewillia's avatar User  lewillia  (Opens a pop up layer) Regular Contributor

What a load! My BS meter pegged and the needle broke off!  It was just a 'coincidence' this "error in advertising programming on opinion shows" was discovered within 24 hours of Media Matters publishing thier list...that's your story USAA?  And just how does that explain MSNBC advertising continuing for several days after you pulled Hannity?  And why your Twitter responses specifically called out Hannity show and did not reference any other shows?  AGAIN It's not the crime it's your lying coverup!

Re: USAA’s Advertising Policy

Elvis001's avatar User  Elvis001  (Opens a pop up layer) Regular Contributor

How is it that USAA advertised "in error" for so long?

So, it was just coincidence that:

1) USAA's "error" was "discovered" simultaneously with and independently of USAA being listed (by a political organization that opposes the specific network and personality) as an advertiser, and

2) The CNBC, CNN, etc programming wasn't dropped because of the significant backlash USAA experienced

Do I understand this right?

Re: USAA Caved to Liberals any suggestions on insurers who aren't liberal?

NAVJAG's avatar User  NAVJAG  (Opens a pop up layer) Contributor

Lest some forget, this country was founded by Liberals and our Civil Rights (e.g., the Bill of Rights) are liberal ideas.  The Conservatives were the Royalists.  But, more to the point, I applaud USAA for dropping advertising from all opinion-based shows.  USAA is there for all of us, Liberal, Conservative, Independent, those things do not matter, we all took the oath to support and defend the Constitution, not a person, and it is better for the organization to remain political-party neutral and stick to "just the facts," not side with opinions.

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