USAA continues to support un American football players

Why does USAA that claims it’s for the military condone football players taking a knee during the National Anthem.  After serving my Country over 20 years, and a USAA member over 45 years I consider this a slap in the face.  I believe USAA needs to pull its adds on NFL Sunday before I pull mine with USAA.  In my heart I think you no longer stand for America, military or our beliefs.  How many football players are USAA insured?

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USAA claiming it's for the military while talking bobble heads on Fox News disrespect the military...  It hasn't been about service and patriotism for USAA for decades; it's about the bottom-line.

You DO remember that the Constitution of the United States of America guarantees the right of its citizens to stage peaceful protests yes?  Or did your inbred racism allow you mind to conveniently forget that because the protest gesture is "black centric."  Hmmmmmmmmmm.....


All you Racist Trumpian Hillbillies are the same with your support for Trump's Race and Culture Politics.  The more I read in these posts the more I have come to realize that I served for 31 years in and around a bunch of military folks who, deep down, are inbred Racists.  I'm embarrassed to be associated with you fools.

How about not supporting the nfl and game that causes brain damage to players?! Concussions hurt football players of all ages. Fans don’t care about any issues . They keep watching. When police stop gunning down African Americans, and all Americans, the players will stop protesting. The first amendment protects their protest.
I just voted online AGAINST the bylaw change and all nominees for the Board . I urge all patriotic USAA members to do the same.