I have been a USAA member ever since I started to drive (over 40 years).  My father had USAA insurance and I  have had it through my time in the Army and beyond.  This decision to boycott the Sean Hannity show because you suddenly "discovered" that it is an opinion show is wrong.  This is a George Soros, Media Matters inspired hit job.  I am going to start getting quotes for insurance.  If you have not reversed this decision by the time I finish, you have lost me as a customer.  Might not be a bad thing, since I will be able to get the full amount of my Subcriber Savings account back.

I am extremely disappointed in USAA for folding under the pressure of fascist leftists and deciding to stop advertising on the Hannity Show. I had hoped that the leadership of USAA was strong enough to withstand the minimal pressure of an email campaign from people who despise the market that USAA serves. 


Apparently not.


I am waiting to see if USAA finds the courage to stand up to the leftists or if the company will submit. While I will miss the products provided by USAA I would hate myself even more were I to stand by and do nothing while this occurs.



Pull your adds I pull my business. Wright Patterson Credit Union treats me real well and Other insurance providers are plentiful. NOT HAPPY!

I have been a member of USAA for many years & I am totally disgusted by your decision to drop support of Sean Hannity.  Despite being an organization by and for veterans you have chosen to bow to liberal pressures.  You shame not only veterans but all Americans who support them.  I look at you now in a totally different light.

Sorry USAA you blew it by taking a stand against the 1st amendment and by using members money to support leftist ideology. I have been a member for over 30 years, a veteran and am considering pulling my assets to another company to protest your total disregard for free speech. You should reconsider your decision, because after reading all the other comments posted you have stepped on it big time. This not what we expect from a company that expresses support for the military and their families, we are not a leftists organization.
If you think you can abandon your conservative military base, I can easily abandon you.
I am disappointed in you USAA. I wonder if you continue to advertise with shows who push "opinions" designed to wro gfully accuse and undermine our duly elected president? I am no fan of Hannity but this isnt about Hannity. It is about the companies who expect our business using the profits we provide to silence our voices. After over 20 years with USAA I regret that I will be shopping my business.
I am so outraged at USAA for pulling advertisement from Sean Hannity. What in the world? Do you not know who it is that has supported USAA all these years? I have been with you for 30 years and have 3 daughters using USAA as well. I will be looking into changing banks and looking into changing insurances as well. SHAME ON YOU!
It is unfortunate an entity like USAA which has such a long history supporting our troops has caved to the very people who oppose our troops. We will move all of our products if USAA does not reverse their position on Hannity. USAA is not the cheapest company and I have stayed for years due to the mission, however it seems as though their mission is shifting and my family and I are not willing to go down that path. Please reconsider who you really should be supporting.

Hello Mr. Merwarth,

As USAA's Executive Vice President of Enterprise Strategy and Marketing, I am sure that you approved of USAA's recent decision to remove the company's support for Mr. Hannity's program just in time for Memorial Day.

Do you believe that this was a sound business decision? Does the rest of USAA’s Executive Council believe this was a sound business decision?

Regardless of the answers to those questions, I believe the next few days will provide an illuminating insight into how USAA chooses to conduct business and how to not conduct business.

As for this 20+ year member of USAA, who comes from a large family of USAA members who chose to protect your right to make money in the United States of America, I will be celebrating Memorial Day by exploring alternatives to USAA’s products and services for myself and my loved ones.

I expect many, many others will be celebrating similarly.

Have A Happy and Thoughtful Memorial Day,

An American