So? Did they listen to your ultimatum?

Thanks. I applaud your decision.

USAA took the unethical track, just because a vocal minority of its members are white nationalists like Hannity.

Applying that same logic, what would USAA have done in 1938, if it were serving the German military? At some point, ethics and morality must transcend popularity.

For that reason, I too am divesting completely. At present I've ceased all insurance and credit card transactions with USAA, sold over $70K of equities. Another $90K of divestement is pending.

As the criminal investigations mount, Hannity is undeniably a cheerleader for the alt-Right, formerly known as white nationalism or white supremacy. He represents values anathema to military tenets for fairness and inclusion, would be proscecuted by any unit commander under UCMJ for his hate speech. Shame on USAA for taking the side of this horrible wave of intolerance, just because a portion of its membership are similarly afflicted.

I just got my notice in the mail. 

Having stripped over $100K from USAA, I can no cease divesting, allow Charles Schwab to manage what remains.

Like America in general, we've learned a valuable lesson: white nationalism, hate and intolerance is not part of our values structure as Americans, nor can those who follow those tenets in any way be called "patriotic." 

Goodbye and good riddance.

USAA: Its not a "political stand" to stand for the truth.  America stands for truth, justice, and freedom.  USAA should too.  I'll be watching closely.


(btw obscuring your personal connection saying you "FORGOT" who your lawyer is (!!) is not remotely believable . . . and that means nothing he says is believable.  This would be a non-issue if Hannity had disclosed his association with the subject of his news reports in a simple one-line disclaimer. It's journalism 101.)





Wow so many snowflake trumpettes here.  As a Veteran, I think Hannity and co are trash.  While I'm not political, anyone spewing such false information and hatred as anyone on Fox should have their ad revenue yanked.  Thank you USAA for doign the right thing, you will continue to have my buness for a long time.  Let these covid breathing trumpflakes leave, I seriously doubt the 3.99 in their checking accounts is going to make a dent in your bottom line.