Today I'll be looking into switching ALL of my business to NAVY FEDERAL. Why would USAA stop advertising with Sean? Despicable. They clearly have no clue who their customers are. We are patriots who want to hear the truth. I will not be part of a company that is cowed by regressive leftist smear campaigns that are trying to silence coverage of an unsolved MURDER.

You sure as heck have a strange way of showing you're patiots, if you support Donald Trump. Have you even read the Mueller Report?

You did the right thing dumping Hannity - I think that your action clearly reflects that you do understand your customers.  Keep up the good work.


On the phone now to cancel my homeowners policy. Your withdrawal of support for Hannity's show at the insistence of Mediamatters and George Soros gives me no choice other than to withdraw from my almost 20 year patronage of your company.

George Soros?! Give me a break! Are you for real, or a bot?


Incredibly disappointed that USAA would cave to leftist bullies who want to shut down free speech and the search for the truth.  Didn't you join the military to fight for these freedoms?  I have 10 accounts with USAA and have been a member for over 40 years - I will shut them all down if USAA caves to these "losers".  I will shut down my children's accounts and explain to them that USAA does not believe in truth and freedom.

It is a sad day when the bank based around military members falls to the globalist Soros. I will be rethinking my investments.

by pulling Hannity you do not represent my values any longer . You have shown your political colors i have savings , car and home ins . and credit card  i will be looking to closeShame you would not support 90 % of your clients