I did NOT risk my life to protect the 1st Amendment for this bank to turn on it because some fascist left organization did not like what a reporter had to say.I have 7 accounts at this bank with over 250k passing through it annually. If this Bank will not stand up to the Constitutional values I fought for, then I will remove all my accounts and tell me veteran brothers to do the same.You have 10 days to retract and put out a public statement. Stay out of politics!!!


As a 25+ year member with a second generation just branching off, I'm disappointed that you've so far decided to bow to Media Matters' organized campaign to withdraw your ad $ from Hannity. There are far more customers that will leave if you make this move. He stands with the military. Please do some research- look at Media Matters' objectives, see how things have gone for Starbucks and others, look at the groundswell on twitter- before you make this decision final.

But none of you so-called patriots have anything to say about the despicable draft-dodging commmander-in-chief. Go play your fiddles of pity somewhere else.

Bill Clinton who really turned out to be a real piece of work first the White House and now the Jeffrey Epsteins human trafficking scandal he was a Draft Dogder he also CUT the military back in 94' I know I was a victim of his R.I.F. 's   - Honorable of course - screwed up a goal to try and retire especially after giving up a permanant appointment with the U.S.F.S. to go back on active duty only to be discharged after two years - screwing myself out of a retirement I never should of gave up and no one not even the recruiter spoke a word about it or gave advise to stay put. Fortunately I went on to work for the INS  if anyone remembers the actual Federal Agency prior to 911 that 'DEPORTED" illegal aliens  yes I said ALIENS - how about Wetback ? the Italians were called WOPS back in the day  How dare the left now Communist party hammer the U.S.B.P. - C.B.P. and ICE and the hard working American Citizens who love their country and foot the bill for the rich so called "elite" what a joke !! and then not even pay taxes  - Google - Fakebook who is getting ready to steal the 2020 election and is censoring and banning Christians/Patriots/Pro Trump   I forgot to mention the fact that Oboma/Soros/and the globalists who bombarded U.S. with illegal aliens - or non immigrants  we now have over 60 MILLION ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS all here to help the leftist/communists win the election  they cant fight fair becuase they are spineless spoiled children who cant wipe their own a**** or carry out a half way decent conversation nor give a straight answer when confronted on their projected hateful deliberate lies they spread  its kinda like the plague  and now Bill Gates wants to spray U.S. all with LEAD and say its "cooling the earth" what a crock of caca !! I live in CA where they are deliberately spraying Chemtrails/Geoengineering (I cant believe how many people are so oblivious to it when its so frickin obvious especially when their flying grids  i guess they think their skywriting or something - dept of energy - EPA - and PG&E literally making a 'KILLING' off of the drought they cause by destroying thousands for homes and lives every fire season remember I worked for the U.S.F.S. and my Father retired from the Fire dept. after he came back from the war talk about busting ones a**- (Americans are so lazy really ? how about a hand up and not and hand out ??  in fact if we go to war again in the middle east i hope they send the illegals that way they can go earn their pay ) and Chem trails are just so obvious a factor in the scheme of things

May God Bless you and everyone were going to need it - the thing is their are no more (Kennedy) Democrats  just Demo rats  - my Father and Grandfather didnt fight WWI and WWII for nothing and guess what it was against Hitler's stazi Germany  and the Communist Japanese. ANTIFAH and the Demo rats call U.S. the patriots the one who love America and are proud to called Americans  the other "n" word. The leftists are twisted, sick and bent  i dont know how they live with themselves quit frankly  its rather pathetic and sad if you ask me what do I know ? i really didnt want to rant and rave and alot of this isent directed directly at you but I thought I would take this opportunity to vent my disgust with the latest and so called greatest "Demo ratic" party  when are they going to announce their Socialist Labor Party recognition ? ...

What's amazing is that everyone missses the point. It's about US. It's about fairness, integrity and truth. Hiding behind falsities and code words don't smother the truth. Hate and bigotry are at the heart of all of this. The fact that so few White men of courage will speak up is why so many fearful others sound loud. I say that once courage and strength shows up, these voices of negativity are out numbered. They sound loud only because the Devil is alive and well, but he doesn't determine the final outcome.

It is not acceptable for Hannity to call General Milley a pig.  USAA should stop advertising on Fox.

Very unfortunate that this org. Is against the main reason we choose to serve our country. It's apparent y'all have gotten too rich on Veterans back! Your supposed to serve us. Sean Hannity is the voice we have but you cave in to a political agenda! Thanks for stabbing your Veterans on our backs!

I'm a 20-year vet and Sean Hannity sure as heck isn't my voice!

I am VERY disappointed that you would pull advertising from this conservative. Please reconsider this poor choice that has been made before it affects USAA in unintended ways.
I am VERY disappointed that you would pull advertising from this conservative. Please reconsider this poor choice that has been made before it affects USAA in unintended ways.