I'd be disappointed with USAA. Caving to the left wing noise machine of fake news and manufactured social media profiles makes me sick to my stomach. I never thought I'd be considering other insurance services. Everything we hold dear is insured with USAA, and it can't hold up against the hate of media matters. Who do you think you insure? I'll tell youm. The people who defend our rights, not the people who want to tear this country apart. I'm heartbroken that the company I've sworn by for almost 20 years has succumbed to such filth.

Agree with others that USAA caving to the pressure by pulling advertising on Sean Hannity has left me ready to leave, and I thought I would stay with USAA forever.

I have banked with this organization for over 7 years. the fact that this company would chose to politacally align with Media Matters and George Soros absolutely disgusts this member. i will be looking for other options in my banking need and remove myself from doing business with this company.

Faithfully been a USAA member for 37 years. Saddened to hear that the "squeaky wheel" liberals have influenced your decision to pull your ads from Hannity. Did not expect this from a pro military company you purport to be. Good news for you is we are covered by USAA insurance as I type this post. Bad news for you is we are up for yearly renewal in July. Bye Bye #MAGA #We support the True Patriot Sean

USAA bows to the demands of the Radical Left, red diaper baby crowd, and other assorted commies.  Way to go Marketing Idiots.  You state that advertising on opinion shows will cease going forward. Is it safe to assume that your advertising won't be seen on the alphabet channels, MSLSD, and other purveyors of FAKE NEWS?


I seriously have to consider moving my business elsewhere. Preferably to a company that doesn't bow to the demands of the America Hating Left!

It has come to my attention that you are withdrawing your (my) advertising on Sean Hannity.


I'm sad to see you are turning your back on the vast majority of veterans and military and supporting the left-wing, anti-American ideologues.


You had no problem supporting the NFL when they were and still are, protesting America and those who gave their lives for our freedom.


If USAA does not reverse this left-wing decision, I'll be forced to find other insurance, after 30 years with USAA and I am alerting all of my friend who are USAA members also.


Don't turn your back on the vets, the military and America!



17 year customer here. USAA, you've lost your mind and your losing another customer. You've forgotten who your customers are. We aren't the snow flakes who want to hide in safe places and silence anyone who offers a dissenting opinion. We are the ones who fought for the 1st Ammendment and expect you to support it with our money. Hannitys opinions may not always be mine but atleast he isn't a shill for left wing media. Listen to your customers.

I received my USAA memebr ship through my father 40 years ago. If USAA wants to support the lies of the left, they will not be using my money to do it. USAA can call it anyting they want, we are not children we know what is going on. I will miss USAA, but I will get over it real fast.

One of those A's stand for America? Not if you try to silence the Press. I will be moving my accounts and policies, and encouraging my relatives as well.

I cancelled my first policy this morning by phone.  I told the USAA representative I will continue to cancel one policy a week until I have no accounts or policies with USAA unless USAA reverses course and ends its boycott of Hannity and Fox.