When you turn your back on the NRA, you turn your back on the oldest defender of civil rights. You turn your back on the Constitution. You turn your back on the American people.
The NRA main purpose is to protect our 2nd Amendment rights. Why do people want to give up their liberty for reasons that have nothing to do with the Guns, but with failures made by Government officials, so you want to give your right to protect yourself to people who couldn't protect a school. The police can't be every where and in what case has the Government managed anything well. Now there are bad people who use guns for bad reasons and you want to punish law biding people who have guns. That is stupid. Criminals don't care if its legal to have a gun. If they want one they will get one, because they are criminals. It's a proven fact that guns are a deterrent to violent crime. them.
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it's always easy to use link from crazy folks and make an argument. Go back to your basement and rub your guns until they'll shine...