NRA affiliation? USAA should publicly disavow any affiliation with the NRA, including discounts, program support, or NRA membership by officers, directors and board members. As military members we support the constitional right of citizens to bear arms. We also have a moral responsibility to assure the safety of our children in public schools, not be massacred by mentally ill persons with military-grade weapons.

Sensible gun policy must be a priority public-health agenda this election year.  Daughter's Dad

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I would like to know the extent of the influence that the NRA may have on USAA. They are a powerful lobbying group and I don't want to be a member of USAA if my participation aids the NRA. 

Please get all the facts first, and then make sure you are correct. The NRA has nothing to do with this. Gun laws have nothing to do with this. how about Law enforcement not entering the building or this knucklehead shooter has been visited dozens of times by law enforcement because of "other" issues including violence against his mother.  Stop watching CNN and MSNBC for your facts, if they were as active about murdering babys from the womb as they were about banning all guns, this world would be a better place (at least for 40-50 million babys world wide) according to the W.H.O.

Once again I am exercised enough by USAA' willingness to bend to the SFW (Social Justice Warrior) community of idiots.  Your handling of the Hannity Affair was abysmally poor, and it seems that your less-informed denizens are leading you pell-mell into a similar situation with the NRA.  DO NOT ADOPT AN ANTI-NRA position!  BTW, I have been a USAA member since 1963.

I have been a member of USAA since 1971 and was a member of the NRA before that.  I enlisted in the Navy in 1967 as a Seaman Recruit and eventually retired in 2005 as a Commander.  Along the way I earned degrees in both political science and computer science so believe that I am of at least average intelligence.  The current attacks on the NRA have little to do with school safety and everthing to do with an opportunistic liberal attempt to damage or silence the group most responsible for pressuring our lawmakers to support our most fundamental constitutional right.  It is important to remember that the NRA is not a thing but rather people;  people like me, people like former president John Kennedy, people like Charlton Heston and Ronald Reagan.  In short, people who love this country and want nothing more than to exercise their constitutional rights and see the country prosper.    As a business entity USAA can endorse or not endorse politcal points of view as it wishes.  To require that officers of the organization not belong to the NRA, or any similar organization, would look suspiciously like the actions of certain totalitarian regimes in the last century.

Our most fundamental Constitutional Right is the 1st Ammendment - Freedom of Speech.  Without it, we would not have the liberty to disagree in forums such as this.  On a few occasions I had young and poorly educated troops go off on bizarre rants about the "lefties," and I would have a chat with them about the oath they took, making them aware that they had the duty to support the right of people with whom they disagree.  Sadly, we have lost the ability to do this in a civil manner in all too many forums.  I place some of the blame on FOX, which is owned by an Australian Citizen!  Not a U.S. Citizen, but a foreigner who has amassed a huge portion of his wealth by turning the people of this fine country against each other!


Does USAA require we members not be NRA members?  Haven’t seen that.  If not, your missive is as senseless as it is rambling. Member: 1971.  USAF enlisted E1-E5 1964-1971; Army officer 1971-1996 O1-O5.  AA; BSE; MSE.  You shame us.

As a USAA member since 1976, I was disgusted and appalled earlier this year when someone at USAA decided to cave to the orchestrated pressure from a small group of people led by the Left wing organization, Media Matters, and pull advertising from Sean Hannity....a great friend of the military who has helped raise millions for the survivors of military men and women killed in action.

Fortunately, after many thousands of us ACTUAL USAA members expressed our outrage on USAA’s website community board, wiser heads in USAA’s leadership remembered USAA’s military roots and reversed that decision!

However, it is my opinion that USAA management still owes us and needs to do more to make amends.

The opportunity has come.

First National Bank has chosen to bow to orchestrated political pressure, as USAA mistakenly and misguidedly did, and has ended its credit card arrangement with an organization whose “crime” in the media’s to defend the civil rights that many of us fought and some of us died to defend.

I am, of course, talking about the NRA....and its defense of our Second Amendment Rights under the Bill of Rights!

Time for USAA Bank to step up and take over that role....and the heck with the expected outrage from the liberal media!

I sincerely doubt that the vast majority of USAA members cares what the liberal media thinks!

It’s time for USAA to STAND for defense of the freedoms many of us served to defend!

“We KNOW what it means to serve”..don’t we?

USAA...This is a war for our rights!

Time to put up or shut up!
I agree with the post regarding First National Bank. What not many people know, is FNB caved to under 10 extremely wealthy account holders. In stead of addressing and discussing the REAL issues, people find it easier to target the NRA.

Consider taking the place of FNB and offer services to the NRA. They do a lot for the military and veterans.

Daughters Dad


Military grade weapon? An AR15? HA! What in the world are you talking about and what does the NRA have to do with the shooting? Do you even know what the NRA represents? Do some research and get back to us. I'll give you a hint to get you started. NRA equals responsible gun ownership and safe gun ownership for a start.


So how many mass shootings have been carried out by a crazy person with an AR15? You must have some data I'm not privy to. Please share.


There were over 400 mass shootings last year. How many were with an AR15? I know of two because they were all over the news. Could be a few more but who knows. You obviously know about many more so please give me the numbers.


One of the shootings was cut short because of an NRA member with an AR15.


The failure was not the NRA. It was all the people that failed to act prior to and during the shooting. Not the NRA.


I can't walk into the county courthouse without going through a metal detector and talking the armed police officers before I enter. But evidently you can walk into a school with a gun and nobody is there to stop you. It's not the guns that are the problem.


Do you want to ban a gun that is used to kill less than 100 people a year? Out of the over 15,000 homicides by gun, the vast majority is a pistol.


I'll bet your daughter has a smartphone. Do you know thousands of kids die every year because of smartphones? Are you going to ban them too?


Thousand die by car every year. You willing to give up your vehicles and make the US a public transit only country? A car is not a right. A gun is.


Do some real research in causes of death each year. Guns are a very small part of the problem. Think with your brain and not your heart that is being overly accelerated by the media with an agenda. A Liberal Agenda.


Why is it that we are the only industrialized country that has such a problem with gun violence?  

Because we are the only country that allows mentally ill people to run the streets after 72 hours.