As a USAA member since 1976, I was disgusted and appalled, like MANY other USAA members, earlier this year when someone at USAA decided to cave to the orchestrated pressure from a small group of people led by the Left wing organization, Media Matters, and pull advertising from Sean Hannity....a great friend of the military who has helped raise millions for the survivors of military men and women killed in action.

Fortunately, after many thousands of us ACTUAL USAA members expressed our outrage on USAA’s website community board, wiser heads in USAA’s leadership remembered USAA’s military roots and reversed that decision!

However, it is my opinion that USAA management still owes us and needs to do more to make amends.

The opportunity has come.

First National Bank has chosen to bow to orchestrated political pressure, as USAA mistakenly and misguidedly did, and has ended its credit card arrangement with an organization whose “crime” in the media’s to defend the civil rights that many of us fought and some of us died to defend.

I am, of course, talking about the NRA....and its defense of our Second Amendment Rights under the Bill of Rights!

Time for USAA Bank to step up and take over that role....and the heck with the expected outrage from the liberal media!

I sincerely doubt that the vast majority of USAA members cares what the liberal media thinks!

It’s time for USAA to STAND for defense of the freedoms many of us served to defend!

“We KNOW what it means to serve”..don’t we?

USAA...This is a war for our rights!

Time to put up or shut up!😉
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