I agree that this is a perfect time for USAA to pick up the slack left by the caving First National Bank. I have "chatted" several times with representatives several times in the last month and have been unable to get a straight answer from any of their representatives as to their stance concerning the NRA. I am ready to switch all my banking to USAA, but will not do so until I am assured they are any better than the First National Bank. When I joined USAA a few years ago, I was proud to belong to the organization. Unless they step up to the plate, that pride may prove to have been misplaced. I may have to keep looking, not only for banking needs, but the insurance policies I currently have with USAA. Come on USAA, let us know where you stand.


He has the right to say whatever he wants. But lying and being a conspiracy theorist has its consequences. I'm totally behind USAA canceling their advertising. I also fought for our 1st amendment rights.