As a USAA member since 1976, I was disgusted and appalled, like MANY other USAA members, earlier this year when someone at USAA decided to cave to the orchestrated pressure from a small group of people led by the Left wing organization, Media Matters, and pull advertising from Sean Hannity....a great friend of the military who has helped raise millions for the survivors of military men and women killed in action.

Fortunately, after many thousands of us ACTUAL USAA members expressed our outrage on USAA’s website community board, wiser heads in USAA’s leadership remembered USAA’s military roots and reversed that decision!

However, it is my opinion that USAA management still owes us and needs to do more to make amends.

The opportunity has come.

First National Bank has chosen to bow to orchestrated political pressure, as USAA mistakenly and misguidedly did, and has ended its credit card arrangement with an organization whose “crime” in the media’s to defend the civil rights that many of us fought and some of us died to defend.

I am, of course, talking about the NRA....and its defense of our Second Amendment Rights under the Bill of Rights!

Time for USAA Bank to step up and take over that role....and the heck with the expected outrage from the liberal media!

I sincerely doubt that the vast majority of USAA members cares what the liberal media thinks!

It’s time for USAA to STAND for defense of the freedoms many of us served to defend!

“We KNOW what it means to serve”..don’t we?

USAA...This is a war for our rights!

Time to put up or shut up!😉
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He has the right to say whatever he wants. But lying and being a conspiracy theorist has its consequences. I'm totally behind USAA canceling their advertising. I also fought for our 1st amendment rights.

I agree that this is a perfect time for USAA to pick up the slack left by the caving First National Bank. I have "chatted" several times with representatives several times in the last month and have been unable to get a straight answer from any of their representatives as to their stance concerning the NRA. I am ready to switch all my banking to USAA, but will not do so until I am assured they are any better than the First National Bank. When I joined USAA a few years ago, I was proud to belong to the organization. Unless they step up to the plate, that pride may prove to have been misplaced. I may have to keep looking, not only for banking needs, but the insurance policies I currently have with USAA. Come on USAA, let us know where you stand.


I would leave USAA if they took a stance in support of the NRA. Tougher regulations on purchasing "arms" are desperately needed and overdue. I'm a supporter of hunting and the owning of guns/bows for the sport but we do need more thorough licensing and background checks. Let's cease and destroy ALL semi/auto assault weapons; their mere existence is a pity. I'm so proud of pioneering companies like Dick's Sporting Goods. Wise and effective decisions are finally being made by sensible people at "the top." Cool, cool, cool.

We see how well that's working for dicks. You should check their stores, all the liberals that claimed they would now shop at dicks are nowhere to be seen, their stores are empty, but their Instagram page has much, much support for freedom and the NRA. My bank of America accounts are being shutdown for their anti American position on the NRA as I type this. I will not hesitate to do the same if USAA pulls the same stunt.
You know, I just looked back through my photos while at FOB Torkham Gate and PRT Jalalabad in Afghanistan and I just can’t find any sign of the NRA standing by my side defending ANYTHING. On the other hand, my father spent nearly two years in a s@&t-hole of a WWII POW Camp, my Marine brother died on the “Rock Pile” in Vietnam, and my other brothers and sister did their duties in various branches ACTUALLY defending our freedoms. The only thing the NRA is “defending” is the bottom line of the weapons manufacturers and FOX News shills. If you want to wrap the NRA in a flag, it should be on their organization casket.
If USAA takes over that role, they can say goodbye to me, and many like me. I fought just as hard for my country, only to come home to find our children getting shot up in schools, in our country, by our countrymen, being supported by sick people like you. I will not stand for it, and I know I am not alone.
Well MPVet, if you had half a brain and applied it to doing some actual research instead of parroting the liberal media position that the NRA is the boogeyman, you would find that not a single one of these mass shootings has anything to do with the NRA or NRA members. I own, and carry, weapons for self defense and protection of my family. And I would aggressively use those weapons to protect any child or other American from harm or criminal acts. USAA should support that approach, which is exactly what the NRA supports.

Correction.  The NRA does NOT defend anything.  It is a public entity whose purpose is to front for and protect weapons manufactrers, sellerrs, and investors in those companies by leveraging fiducial leverage over politicians.  A longg time ago, the NRA did good things about promoting gun and hunting safety, but prostituted itself long ago.  No group or individual who espouses the need for semi- or full-auto weapons is remotely sane or reasonable.  The Second Amendment is NIOT license to kill..a deliberate pun.  Firearm ownership isn’t the issue: owning any firearm with functioning similar/identical to an AR-15 or AK-47 is without merit.   Escept to a fringe group of nutjobs who really shouldn’t be allowed to own firearms.  Perhaps being an NRA member/overt supporter should be one litmus test for who can buy ANY firearm.  I own one rifle, but would saw it in half if it helped keep one baby safe.  Would you?  And don’t forget: there are multiple Amendments to the Constitution: not just #2.  Your constitutional rights end when they impact another’s constitutional rights...including life.  Grow up. 

AR-15s have been around since the mid-60s. Now all of a sudden "they" are the problem? Instead of making harder targets for criminals, they are trying to make a soft target out of the whole US. That's not what I fought for. I have a gun, and I would not saw it in half and leave myself unable to defend by own "babies."

Thank you, Oldesoldier, for your sage wisdom!


The right to bear arms is not an absolute right, as Justice Antonin Scalia opined shortly before his death. It comes with a condition that is often overlooked. That condition, which is spelled out in the amendment's opening clause, specifies that the right be "well regulated". At present, the availability of guns in society at large is anything but well regulated.  As a Navy veteran of Vietnam, it is easier for me to obtain an assault weapon at a gun show than it was from my ship's armory during combat operations


I support the right to bear arms for the purpose of self-defense, organized sport and hunting. I also support the unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This God-given right, however, is being denied by the proliferation of assault weapons, and the carnage which they render. It is time for legislators, citizens and, yes, responsible corporations, to go beyond the "thoughts and prayers" response to the mounting gun violence and take real action to implement the well regulated provisions on the right to bear arms, as the Second Amendment guarantees.  

Reading over a lot of comments… I see where a lot of the issue is…


People do not understand the purpose of the 2nd amendment…. People still have this misconception that it is about hunting and it is not….


A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.


Yes it does talk about a Militia on the first part and being ell-regulated…. I do feel people should be trained on the weapons… And the first part also tell you what it is about.. keeping us FREE not about hunting..


That is where the Militia part of this stops.. why …. Because we start talking about the people who are the Milita…. The right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed…..


The 2nd amendment is by far the most important… why… because when all else fails… that is your last resort…


A lot of the first amendment has failed.. it is not just about free speech… there are five parts to it…


Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Religion

Freedom of the Press <HAS FAILED> I was the job of the media to keep the government in check by reporting … but now they are in the governments pocket..

Redress of grievances… <not working as it should> Our elected officials are no longer listening to the people.

Freedom of Assembly.<not really working anymore> We are supposed to work as a collective to let our elected officials know.