NFL rejects Super Bowl ad from veterans group that asks players to stand during anthem

Stars and Stripes
Published: January twenty second, two thousand eighteen

Headline: NFL rejects Super Bowl ad from veterans group that asks players to stand during anthem

WASHINGTON — The National Football League rejected an advertisement for its official Super Bowl LII programs that urged players and people who attend the game to stand during the National Anthem, according to American Veterans, the organization that submitted the ad.
Omitted from the programs was a full-page ad picturing the American flag, saluting soldiers and the words “Please Stand,” referring to the movement of NFL players protesting racial inequality and injustice by kneeling during the performance of the National Anthem before the start of games.

Outcry over the protests surged last fall when President Donald Trump criticized the NFL for allowing it to continue. In October, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL owners decided the league wouldn’t penalize players for kneeling.

Joe Chenelly, the national director of American Veterans, known as AMVETS, said Monday that the group was “surprised and disappointed” when the NFL told him Friday the league had rejected the ad.

“The NFL said it does not want to take a position on that,” Chenelly said. “Really, by not letting us run an ad, we think they are taking a position.”

Super Bowl LII programs began printing Monday, following the NFC and AFC championship games Sunday night. The New England Patriots will compete against the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl on Feb. 4.

AMVETS, an organization comprising approximately 250,000 veterans and 1,400 posts nationwide, sent a letter to Goodell on Monday calling the decision to exclude their ad an affront to free speech.
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Seems "Free Speech" is a one way road. At least AMVETS had the courage to try and balance things.

How long is USAA going to hold out and ignore their veteran membership on the unpatriotic

stance of Roger Goodell? Drop the NFL sponsorship. We are not watching these "role models"

kneel or sit for Old Glory anymore, including at the Super Bowl.