The disrespect the NFL has shown to our flag and country over the past year has been criticized by the President, the Vice President, 4-Star Military Officers, and thousands of USAA members who have sent messages to USAA encouraging them to end their sponsorship of the NFL.

After a year of this disrespect, USAA continues to associate its military member base with the NFL, USAA continues to use our military member funds to sponsor the NFL, and USAA continues to provide no transparency to their members regarding the scope of their sponsorship of the NFL. Despite all that, USAA continues to advertise itself as "The Official Military Appreciation Sponsor of the NFL".



1.) We the Members of USAA call upon the Senior Management of USAA to immediately end its sponsorship of the NFL and to redirect those funds to reputable veterans charities.

2.) We also call upon USAA to stop it's military related advertising. If USAA is not willing to support its member base and the military values we stand for then please do not act as though you represent us and then redefine what it is we stand for to the public.

3.) RetiredArmy2011
10-11-2017 11:38 AM
Obviously, the BOD does not support or agree with the membership. I think this petition needs to be expanded to include a call for immediately replacing the BOD. IAW Article II, Section 2, a Special Meeting may be called if a petition signed by 1 percent of the members of USAA  exists. I propose that this petition be expanded to call for a Special Meeting to not only force a stop to the NFL sponsorship and advertising, but also to replace the Board of Directors, who obviously have forgotten that they work for the membership.

Retired AF Veteran
10-11-2017 10:38 PM
The next step we should take is to recall each of the present Board and elect onto the Board members who represent the values of its members.

Thank You,
489 USAA Members
United We Stand




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