Check your proxy for 2021 Annual Meeting - PROTECT THE MEMBERS

The Board proposes  a change to the members ability to call a special meeting.  Currently 1% of the members can call a special meeting of the board for a specific reason.  The Board wants to raise that to 10%!!  Do you know what a huge number that is??  With 12.4 million members, we would need 1.24 MILLION members - that would be IMPOSSIBLE.    Vote NO for every proposal and vote NO for each board members.  PROTECT THE MEMBERS  The board and management will have TOTAL POWER.

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I think that the 10% would  be based on actual members which is ~2 million actual members.   As I understand it, only recipriocal Army officers/survivors are eligible to vote per the by-laws.  The rest of us have no voice except to move our monye away from USAA.   Perhaps someone from USAA can verify.