More evidence of a chronic decadence of USAA performance. On May 26, 2020 ,USAA unitarally sold the brokerage business area to both Schwab and Victory Capital. They promised a  seamless spin off. Usaa brokerage however is still responsible for issuing 1099's for the period of Jan 2020-May 26,2020. To this date no 1099 's have been

issued. All my brokerage 1099's from 3 other companies have already been received. USAA still has not responded. The frustartion is that they had essentially seven months to prepare the 1099's. When calling usaa investments, the prompt tells you to contact Schwab or Victory but they have nothing to do with pre May 26 brokerage activity. No one cares that we have deadlines to our tax prepares.. The "suits" in the boardroom could care less as they have probably collected their pay checks and proud of providing us with a very shoddy transition to the new brokerage houses. I am a 56 year member and this place has changed drastically.

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