Avoid AVIS Rent-a-Car: Ripoff Alert

Do not rent a car from AVIS -- especially in Norfolk. I recently rented at AVIS after following a partner link from USAA. Big mistake. 

AVIS, like all the car rental companies, offers you a good discount for pre-paying.  I was glad to get any savings. Renting a car right now is so expensive. And my hope was it was a safer transaction via the partner link. BIG MISTAKE.


I prepaid for this before my trip. The car I received was a cruddy Hyndai, but it worked and had a very decent MPG. Overall, it was fine. They didn't offer me a toll card, which would have saved me some money. 


When I picked up the car, the folks at the desk were very rude. I was very pleasant, but they were rude. 


But here's the issue. Despite prepaying for my rental, AVIS charged me AGAIN. Twice.


Thank goodness I paid with my AMEX. I'm disputing the charge. But folks, avoid this company. They rip you off and then you will be spending weeks untangling it. USAA, you should vet the companies your partner with. Even if you use a third-party travel agent. You're sending members to a company that rips people off. 



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