6 Money Saving Secrets Every Military Family Should Know

Jun 28, 2016

6 Money Saving Secrets Every Military Family Should KnowMoney can be tight when you have a military family. A lot of military spou...

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Dear Moms Don't Sleep, Thank you for sharing these great saving tips! I had to laugh about your husband's tactical gear...

How to Obtain Official Birth Certificate for Child Born A...

Jun 28, 2016

I was born in Heidelberg Germany while my dad was stationed in Mannheim. How can I obtain official copies of my birth certificate?...


Jun 23, 2016

EFMP paperwork needed after service member retires

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Taiyanika, You may want to contact the VA for information. Thank you again for your post.


Jun 16, 2016

can my brother join USAA?

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toby1243, Thank you for your inquiry and the opportunity to assist you. I have included this link: https://www.usaa.com...

Things to Know About Fort Benning Life

Jun 14, 2016

Here is a blog post from Uncle Bob's Self Storage outlining important things to know about Fort Benning Life.

Marital Status

Feb 29, 2016

Does anything change,as far as my USAA account, if I am recently separated from my spouse?

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Hi qcj, Please contact USAA to discuss member eligibility further at (800) 531-USAA (8722). Thank you.
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qcj, I have passed this along to our member services team and they will be reaching out to assist. Thank you.

USAA College Scholarships?

Feb 7, 2016

Does anyone know if USAA offers college scholarships for military dependents? I have already finished paying into a 529 plan. I ha...

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Thanks for the prompt reply.
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Dear F-111, USAA does not currently offer scholarships to military dependents. If you visit the educational office on y...

Changing My Membership

Jan 31, 2016

I am only a customer with USAA, and I work for USAA in the insurance department as an agent. Also, my step dad was in the military...

Remarriage and eligibility

Dec 30, 2015

My ex husband and I have been divorced for about 5 years. I have retained my eligibility (read: car insurance) so far. However I'm...

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Hi Ardhel17, I have asked one of our insurance partners to reach out to you directly, thank you.

Broken lifes

Nov 29, 2015

Have any of you went over seas.had your spouse turn bi and a swinger.tell you bout it.send you pics.knowing it was killing you.the...

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After i divorced her and got custody of my girls she became volatile.4 or 5 times she would get them for a visit refuse...
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Any particular reason that you put Your in prison
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