Contacting my husband in basic

Nov 23, 2015

Is anyone at ft. Benning georgia right now and know a better way of getting a message across to my husband other then snail mail?

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I dont know the proper numbers or aho i need to call. Do they have only one FRG or is their multiple?
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Have you reached out to the Family Readiness Group at Ft. Benning? I'm sure they can help.

The Internal Clock

Nov 21, 2015


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Hi Pretty Patriotic, Thanks for posting. I recommend you provide some context around your link and why you posted it- o...

Resources for Teens whose Parents Are Going to Deploy

Nov 8, 2015

Hello! I am a therapist and will be hosting a group for teens who are preparing for their parent to deploy. Are there any resource...

PCS to Ft Lee, VA

Nov 1, 2015

We are dual military, SFC's, PCSing from Germany to Ft Lee this month. We have a 3, 7, 16 and 17 yr old. Preschool-High School; fo...

USAA deceptive marketing practicies

Oct 26, 2015

I have read quite a few posts here regarding eligibility for USAA membership. I found some answers in various online business maga...

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Dear grutstuff, Thank you for your comment.
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Usaa has improved some un regards todo disclosures regarding affiliates and who they are. You mayor hace noticed that m...

Transferring money

Oct 24, 2015

Can someone please tell me how to transfer money from my USAA acct into my daughters USAA acct. she's deployed and this would be t...

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Hi HotRodJordan, 1. Log onto USAA, scroll down your home page, there should be a box like this: 2. You can also click o...
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After logging into your account, (depending on whether your on mobile app or desktop computer). Mobile app - after logg...


Aug 31, 2015

Deployed to Afghanistan working a contract only to return to see that my Home Owners Insurance went from 818.00 (Farm Bureu to 267...

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Dear Deployed Marine, First, thank you for your service. Without knowing the full background of your policy, it’s hard ...

Is ETSY run by or affiliated with USAA?

Aug 17, 2015

I'm clicking along on USAA and suddenly, I'm in ETSY land. I've heard about ETSY, but want to know more and keep clicking and they...

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Hi 2 pt, I did a bit of research and can verify that USAA has no affiliation with Etsy. Thank you for posting in the co...
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It is not run by USAA. Etsy is an online marketplace for people to sell their handcrafted, salvaged, or repurposed item...

Car insurance in Japan!

Aug 11, 2015

We are going to be PCSing to Yokosuka Japan next year and I'm curious how to handle car insurance once we are there. We don't plan...

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A.Bow, I would highly suggest you call in and speak with one of our international insurance representatives. They will ...

Your right to make an informed decision regarding the Ser...

Jul 27, 2015

The ability to be able to make an informed decision is a right of the consumer when making a purchase, investment, contract a serv...

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