worst bank ever

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My experience with usaa gets worse every time i have to deal with them.  We were thinking about refinanceing our mortage talked to a rep and ask her for a estiment on the closing cost, she told me about $3000 than the next day they sent me a package with paper work they wanted me to fill out and send back right away. When i looked at it the estamated closeing cost was $6200 and when ask they said it could be more. No I paid my sons car off 2 1/2 months ago. called a week after paying off and was told it was being prosseed, my son called a month later and they said it was in the mail, 2 months late never recived it. When I called they said they mailed it 2 days after I paid it off. Ya Right, I told them to just send me a lien release and I would go get a lost title,Its been 2 weeks and now they say they will mail it again. I asked to send it next day but they want me to pay for it. They keep wnting to verify my address  I tell them it the same asthey send my statements to and all other correspondents. We will be closing all accounts with them and let everyone know to beware

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