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What is disgrace.  A $2600 repair at a franchasized dealer where my vehicle was bought & serviced & USAA wants to make a junker with used parts & give me $500. Cannot remember when I made any claims.   This was a very good organization when I joined many many years ago.  Now it stinks.  They did not provide a copy of the agreement/contract  for at least 2 years.  Never said anything about used parts when I reported the claim.  Unable to speak with an adjuster who leaves a voice message saying she will return Feb 26th . It's June 2018.   Of what year?????  I tried to speak with supervision.  To date no response.  Very sad.  I never thought I would see the day that USAA would treat members in this fahion.

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Hi @hollingsworth1, I can certainly help with your concerns and get you in contact with a supervisor. Can you tell me what the shop is giving you $500 for?

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