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Vary nice employee

Oct 18, 2016

Susan D. ID# xxxx When through a breakup a few years back, I was trying to be nice and let the Ex use our joint account... Of cour...

There for us in the highest of the highs and lowest of th...

Oct 9, 2016

My husband was a USAA member when I married him. When our first child was born, we got all sortf of congratulations and life plann...

Just a note!

Oct 5, 2016

I have been an USAA customer for 18 years. I have NEVER been disappointed in any of the services they have provided. Keep up the g...

Customer service

Sep 30, 2016

We have been members for some 30 some years and my parents for another 60.TheUSAA service been great for years but for the lay 5 o...

Showing Support for our Troops

Sep 21, 2016

Does USAA have any suggestions for how to show support for our military? My husband and I are longtime USAA members thanks to my d...


Sep 17, 2016

Have been with USAA 35+ years. Never leaving. After reading some of the comments, members need to understand that the CSRs sometim...

thanks for your service USAA

Sep 17, 2016

Thanks for all your services :)

Thank you USAA

Sep 17, 2016

First to post after reading many member stories and now compelled to say I'm thankful for USAA. Have been with USAA for very long ...


Sep 13, 2016

I appreciate clarifying the tier system at USAA. I was aware that it is membership based and as a retired Senior NCO, I was apprec...

Auto Loan for First Car

Sep 6, 2016

My son just graduated from college and has been hired for his first job. He has never needed a car, but now is the time. We were u...

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