Will not recommend this bank EVER!

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The list goes on and on. My husband and I have banked with USAA for 7 years and I must say they are the worst. I stopped using them last year as they would continually hold my pay checks for 7-10 days. I now bank with Wells Fargo and never have any issues. They may hold my check for 24 hours but not 7-10 days business days. My husband has continued to bank with USAA and yet again we have nothing but issues. I can't tell you how many times we have had fraudulent charges on our account. This time we have been dealing with the bank for over two weeks trying to get money credited back to our account that was yet again fraudently charged! My Husband called at the begining of the week because I was getting no where with them on our case. They informed my husband that the fraud had shown up as a credit card dispute and that is why they were AGAIN taking the money out of our account. My husband thought he had fixed it and the lady told him that it was now filed as fraud and we would see the money in our account 1-2 days from that day. It has now been 4 days and when he called today to talk to someone he was informed the fraud claim was never submitted. I can't express how frusturated I am. Not to mention we were totally being over charged on our auto insurance and found it for half the price with geico. When I called to see if USAA would give us a lower quote as we have been loyal customers they informed me there was nothing they could do, they wouldn't even price match. As soon as this ordeal is taken care of we will be closing our USAA accounts and taking all our business elsewhere. So much for "helping" military families. I have never had such awful service from a bank! 

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