What Can Happen if You have a Joint Loan and file for Chapter 7 On Your Own (without spouse)

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I have always loved USAA and how they've treated us. Due to some unforseen circumstances I had to file chapter 7. I had a loan with my husband that he was the primary on. I included it in the Chapter 7 with the intention of just paying it under my husbands account. What I didn't know (and boy do I wish I could go back in time) is that USAA will really put it to you for this. They listed the debt as a 'charged off' debt on my husband's credit report. Mind you, we have NEVER missed even one payment. We were told this is just how USAA handles it, regardless of who's filing, but by the way, we still expect you to pay it, even though we've damaged your credit (not exact words used but what they meant). We continued to pay it, again no payments missed. I called and spoke to the not so friendly member services rep who are part of the bankruptcy dept. They told me my husband could file a form to ask that it be removed, and that it would take 30 days for a response. It's been over 60 days, no response, no update to his credit.

I am NOT complaining about them listing me in anyway, I made bad choices and I deserve what comes my way. However, my husband does not, he's always paid his debt on time, he's never missed a payment, and because of me, and USAA policies, they not only listed the one debt as a charge off, they closed his other credit card. I am not sure why USAA deems this necessary if the one person is still paying, but it's a lesson learned on my part. Now I just hope I can find a way to make it right.

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I know this post was over 3 years ago now but was there ever any resolution? Basically, we are a similar situation and are about to go through the same problems it seems you have described here. 

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I had this same exact thing happen with my Military Star card. 

I had included it in my bankruptcy and it was current when I filed. 

They incorrectly designated it as a charge off, so I filed a dispute on Credit Karma (they make the process easy) with the credit bureaus and they changed the remarks on my credit report. 

I would suggest you try this. 

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