Ken 1958
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I have (2) claims with USAA and we are having many problems getting our questions answered and having problems with claims adjusters. I was told tonight by Jan, a Senior Manager at the Colorado Springs, Colorado field office that if you have Water, No to mention I had to wait on hold for 48 minutes to talk to somebody. Electricity and a Toilet that they are not responsible for you. We had severe Cat 3 Water Damage in our home and a fire and they expect us to continue to live in the home in unsanitary conditions. They say its not there responsiblity. In essense, WE DONT CARE ABOUT YOU. She sadi they are only responsible for the damage and nothing more. Everything is a fight. They dont call back, they try and communicate throug and email and message system that does not work properly. USAA Is a mess. We have been members for over 25 years. I have even worse horror stroies on the message board about what USAA has become.


The commercials they run on TV is not what you get. Its the total opposite. Something needs to change. I am going to contact our State Insurance Commisioner and tell them what I was told this evening. I could not believe what I told and I was told in a rude manner as well. USAA does not care if you leave them.


We are frustrated and furious over how we have been treated after all these years of membership. USAA DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO SERVE...........



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@ Ken 1958,

Thank you for over 25 years of membership, and please know that we do care about your claim experience.  I have escalated your situation to a subject matter expert who will be reaching out to you to address your concerns.   Please allow 2-3 business days for contact.  Thanks~Mike