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So, I been a member for 20+ years and have multiple products with USAA, I also have payroll direct deposit and hits every two weeks. I also have multiple checking accounts, and their mobile app for depositing checks is great and convenient for folks on the go. 

So today, as usual during this time of the month I used their mobile app to deposit a check from a property management company that I use to manage one of my rental properties. They only made 60% of the funds available and the rest would be available in one week. I was puzzled as to why since that never happened before and decided to call them up. I spoke to a very nice woman and explain the reasoning for my call, instead of looking into my account she started to read me a disclosure as to the WHY  this may have happened. I cut her off midway and explained to her that I wanted to hear specifics regarding my account and not a disclosure. So she briefly looked into my account and stated that I had insufficient funds activity in the last 90 days. So all my accounts were flagged with this type of hold for deposits. It turns out the account they were referring did not have enough money to clear one EFT bill I had forgot about. Defiantly my error no argument there, but I thought they would hear my backstory as to what happened and there has never been this issue before. Not to mention that my payroll deposit will hit tomorrow. You would think they use logic and understanding there is no risk here on their part and should release the rest of those funds. NO, they would not nor did even care of that I have payroll deposit that was 5x the amount of today's deposit. They didn't even care that the recent NSF activity was not a re-occurring event either. There decision making was based on data received from that one-day activity. They flagged all my accounts to place holds on all deposits-total BS.
To be clear, the hold and the money they withheld didn't bother me. It was the way I was treated and the lack of understanding and logic / common sense is what really made me upset. There was no risk on their part since this type of check had been deposited 13 other times, and I had my payroll deposit hit my account the very next day.
As a 20+ year member and Veteran, I expected better treatment. I exposed their lack and the inability of being about the customer.  I will defiantly be shopping around bye bye USAA

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Oh gosh @Marine0321, I appreciate you reaching out to us today. I regret to hear of the experience you have had as that is never how we want our members to feel.  I was able to locate your profile. I am sharing your concerns with the appropriate area for review. Once reviewed they will contact you. Thank you . -Emily

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I'm a 50+ year member of the association and the service now would be unrecognizable to General McDermott who worked so hard to perfect the association. Shame on the current managers. On the recent proxy card I voted against everything on the card.


I feel exactly the same. Shame on them. It's disgusting how they are grabbing money from Vets. I'm spreading the word like wild fire. So far I've got 5 members to cut ties with them. Keep spreading the word, our veterans don't deserve this.

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USAA Service

@MarkLo, I can confirm your concerns have been escalated so that we may have the opportunity to address them. Once reviewed someone will be reaching out to you. Thank you!

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I would hate to work in THE NEW USAA Social Service. Every reply is more pandering condescension. Your complaints and missives will go NOWHERE, just like the stenographers at the Executive Resolution Team,who can't DO ANYTHING but record and pander..... Anyone who thinks they can resolve anything outside the new rigid process driven, policy protected NEW USAA is wasting time. The NEW USAA is no different than any other mega-corp. Caveat Emptor, shop around. Old LOYAL members see the NEW USAA which has morphed since 2015 from the USAA that was true to the mission to serve the members. Image and perception or the truth. You watch your own six, today, the NEW USAA won't. ANd the old guard service reps, can't. The member funded TV ads are there to gain more customer deposits , period.

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