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Today's phone call with two USAA employees is one more confirmation that USAA is no longer the great company it once was.


The list of problems I've expereinced with USAA in the last three or so years is so long, it's difficult to know where to begin.


I give up and I'm moving on.


I forgot to mention that I've been with USAA for over 20 years. NO ONE was a bigger fan than me. The record will show that I have written letters, emails and made numerous phone calls expressing my gratitude for the most amazing customer service.


It's gone.


There is no commitment at all to the customer.


I am aware that you will not post my comments, but if you are an employee with any influence, perhaps you will have the integrity to speak to your upper management, who has completely ignored my efforts over the last three years to communicate my concerns to them.


No response to my many efforts.


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@Nickname28, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. It's never our intent to make you feel this way. Please allow me to forward this matter to the appropriate area for further review. ~ Stacy

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I'm having a similar problem. I have an open health claims adjuster that I've been trying to report since yesterday. She began the conversation not wanting to help and triggered me to escalate causing her to be MORE rude to me and stating after cutting me off in our coversations that she "had already submitted a report about me to her manager and that we were continuing this is written" and hung up on me. I've tried getting to different adjusters, still get to her, still rude to me, and still hangs up on me. I really want to put her name in this comment to warn others, but I know it's against the posting rules. I don't like putting people on blast like this. I've been with USAA for almost 3 years and this is the first negative incident I've had. I'm concerned with her being on my case and jepordizing it because I'm also having to work with the opposing company.




You're probably a very nice person and I'm certain you mean well. But I've heard this SO many times over the last 3-5 years and no one has ever contacted me. 


I suspect they tell you to say this on the public forum so there will be the appearance that someone is doing something.


For two decades, I recommended USAA to hundreds of people. Now, I'm simply looking for a recommendation from former USAA members.


On the contrary my fellow members ... And as a former naval officer and as a financial markets participant since my service days; I think very few of you can appreciate the foundations that USAA senior management has respected and maintained over the years - and for that single reason you should be both happy and relieved, and also feel safe - HERE.  During the post 2007/2008 crash many large banks, but more alarmingly, some large insurers, faced failure.  Some were dragged to the regulators, some came on their hands and knees, for help.  USAA Federal Bank and USAA Property and Life remained rock strong.  The reason? Executive management and on down, resisted the need for large returns by investing in the derivative chains that dominated these industries since 1998.  Management had to forego the large bonuses and commissions that their peers received - because they remembered that USAA is a "MUTUAL", our mutual, and not a run-of-the mill Wall Street firm.  ... When the next crash occurs, look over your shoulder again, and see who survives.   W.B. USNR, B.A.,MBA.,M.I.M., Grateful Survivor



I do not disagree with your comment, but I think you may have accidentally responded to the wrong post. You must have meant this for someone else as your comments don't address my stated concern.

First, while I respect your military service (greatly), it has no bearing on my assessment of USAA over the last 20+ years. Your military accomplishments, which I respect, do not erase the rudeness, disinterest and dishonesty I've endured with USAA employees for the last 3-5 years.

(But still, thank you for your service and for your sacrifice.)

Second, my post had nothing to do with USAA's stability as a financial institution. I do not deny what you've said, but it's not my concern. It is that USAA, the company that once set the standard for customer service, has changed. Once again, as I explained to Stacy, the USAA rep who indicated in the above comment that she would "forward this matter to the appropriate area for further review," no one has contacted me.

To be clear, if USAA was concerned for its customers, they would respond to a 20+ year member with my track record of expressing gratitude countless times, while never complaining (when I could have), who is now saying, "I give up."

Third, you've just confirmed my concern with your reference to USAA's excellence from "2007/2008." Back then, I was writing letters and emails and leaving voicemails expressing my gratitude for many of USAA's employees' great customer service.

USAA has changed.

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When I see USAA plastering the TV with advertisements I wonder about the squandered money that should be applied to benefitting the membership of the Association. Do a good job and word of mouth will do a much better job of conserving the membership. Shame on the people responsible for destroying the hard work of General McDermott.