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I will be closing all my accounts through USAA. Had accounts and services for years. I don’t know any other banks that places a hold on my paycheck. I’ve been depositing my paycheck in my account via the mobile app for a year. All of a sudden they want to hold over 50% of my check for 7 business days. I can’t and will not have my bank tell me I can’t spend my money. I work for a small business without a direct deposit option. Sorry but USAA this in unacceptable.
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Hello @Tyler762, I am sorry to hear your considering changing banks as a result of a deposit hold. I do understand holds are not well received but like all banks we have a process in place for funds availability. There are some factors that contribute to the holding of funds such as Non sufficient funds, being overdrawn and having a month to date average in the account that is much lower than the amount of the deposit. Those are just some factors.  I hope this explains it and I know it does not make you happy but we do value your membership and hope we can continue to serve you in the banking area. Thank you ~ Suzy