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As of today, 2/6/2018 I can no longer do any mobile banking with USAA.

They have updated the app and left thousands of their users behind.

There is no backwards compatibility.

I should not need to get a new phone to bank.

I will be pulling my funds out of my accounts and closing them within the next few months.

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It is frustrating that older phones/OS versions are not supported anymore.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 which runs android version 4.4.4, but the latest version of the mobile app requires a higher version (which I can't get for my phone).

So, USAA basically forces me to buy a new phone if I want to be able to continually deposit checks with my phone. :-(

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I'm in the same boat. App is no longer compatible with my Galaxy s4. Thanks for screwing people who don't want to/or can't upgrade their phone. Please just put it back?!?! I've been an app user since it started and I'd like to continue since its the only way to deposit a check. 

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@SOLappuser, I do understand your concerns and have forwarded your feedback regarding the compatibility of your phone for mobile deposits. Once this is reviewed we will be in contact with you. -Colleen

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A brief search on USAA forums reveals nearly a thousand other recent posts from Valued Members experiencing the same disservice. I've read through maybe one hundred of these, and all of USAA's responses are in this format,

"<non-committal compassionate statement>, <non-committal statement about being commitmed to members>. In order to implement <vague security related features>, we require <inconsistent version of some OS>. We have forwarded your issue to <some internal department>. <Closing vague apologetic statement>."

If anyone else has seen this response, please respond to my comment to agree! 

Question: precisely which security enhancements has USAA chosen to implement that keep Valued Members from banking with < Android 5.0? Looking for some details USAA. You've put me in a hard spot and I am righteously angry about it, and I want details, posted publicly. 

Thank you for your service.

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My wife and I bank with USAA and have been for years.  As there are no USAA banks or Kiosks anywhere near here.  All banking is via our phones.  We both have S5's where were over $800 each when we bought them.  All of these loyal USAA members should have to spend that kind of cash just so we can make a check deposit.

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GBX - We appreciate the feedback. You comments will help us improve future service. Please know that there are several options to deposit checks without the use of a smartphone, although the mobile app is certainly the most convenient way. We appreciate you adding your voice to the conversation. - Jason