Problems with a USAA Home Equity LOC subordination?


Wondering if anyone has advice or has faced a similar situation: 

I have a HELOC with USAA that was included in a Chap. 7 BK 5 years ago. I am currently trying to refi my first mortgage (Non-USAA) to reduce my interest rate and monthly payments. Everything was going smoothly until the company put in a subordination request with USAA - which they denied, "due to legal status". Very frustrating since USAA is already in 2nd position with my HELOC and approving the subordination would not change that in any way. This is a HARP no cash out loan so I am not increasing my debt liability, only improving my financial situation and saving almost $500 a month. Another frustration-I was trying to refi last year, it fell through but USAA was totally willing to subordinate then, and in fact, the subordination request was one of the first things approved last time!

When I called the BK department, I was told to "fax in a letter" - which is a ridiculous request in 2018 - to try and get help by faxing off a letter to some backroom recycle bin! The agent had no further information and was unable to give me any phone numbers. 

Any help or advice greatly appreciated!

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