My Introduction


By Ken Sampson


My name is Kenneth XXXXX Sampson. I live in Biscayne Gardens at XXX XX XXX Street with my wife of 45 years Angkarb. Angkarb is an unusual name because she is from Thailand. Her nickname is Toy. Just call her Toy and she will know that you are talking to her. We have five adult children – two in California, two in Thailand, and one in Ohio – with grandchildren and great grandchildren. 


I am 80 years old and have lived in Biscayne Gardens for 64 years since 1954. I went to Edison Junior High School in 19XX. I went to Miami Technical High School in the class of 1956 in downtown Miami to learn auto and aircraft and powerplant mechanics. I hope that some of you old-timers can remember those old days. 


I joined the U.S. Air Force as a jet engine mechanic in 1957. Later in 1964 I graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and later still became a navigator and bombardier in the B-52 Stratofortress bomber aircraft. During the cold war I flew around the USA practicing and training nuclear bombing of Russia and China. During the hot war I flew around Southeast Asia killing large quantities of evil Communists in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia with 363 combat attack missions and 2205 combat flying hours in the B-52D aircraft.


During my 64 years in Biscayne Gardens I, of course, have seen many changes for the good to include the Cuban/Spanish influx which built us up economically and gave me many new friends. I like the Cubans because they know what it is like to live under Communist dictator domination so they particularly appreciate B-52 bombardiers who flew around the world killing Communists. The black immigration into Biscayne Gardens gave us much needed cultural diversity and new points of view. Now we have the Haitian migration into Biscayne Gardens which has given us a new, dynamic, assertive diversity and the chance to make new good friends with stalwart people. I particularly like to hear from my Haitian friends what the old spirit has to say and advise today.


For the first time in these new times we face the questions of modernization of our local Biscayne Garden political form and structure. Now we must struggle with the decision to try to remain unincorporated as we always have in our old days or are we going to incorporate into a new city, with possible disincorporation or even annexation in our new days by our neighboring incorporated cities with the usual corruption. 

This decision will be facilitated by the rising of brave, outspoken, and dynamic leadership from our varied racial groups to help us coalesce on one finite decision by a free, informed vote. We are so fortunate in this country to have the right and the ability to decide our future political form and structure, and political officials by individual private vote – not a shouting match. 


I welcome the opportunity to talk with each of you about our present and future life in our beautiful and comfortable Biscayne Gardens by your please stopping by to visit or by email at If you please to stop by, just toot your horn a couple times outside my gate or call out. Somebody will come out if we are home which we are most of the time.


Now at 80 years old I am proud to have gained lifetime free membership in BGCA. I must announce now that I do not believe in censorship and muzzling of the flow of political and organizational information to BGCA members and the whole of the citizenry of our homeland of Biscayne Gardens. Censorship and muzzling is very detrimental to informed citizenship.


Best regards,

Ken Sampson

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