Let down after 17 years...

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USAA talks a big game about helping members in their time of need, but it is truly all smoke and mirrors. Before being offered barely 1/2 of what all of my repairs have and will cost me, I was truly taken advantage of by USAA. I made a change to my deductible 2 weeks prior to this damage taking place, but USAA refused to honor that because I MISTAKENLY clicked the wrong button online and didn't have that change take affect immediately. This is a detail that could easily be overlooked by any member when taking care of business on your website, and you could've honored it and gained loyalty from another satisfied customer. After that, and after being a member for 17 years, I feel like USAA did me a huge disservice on this claim. Regardless of the "letter of the law" you guys go by, in the end you told me (via your estimate) that I had over $12,000 worth of damage to my home, and sent me a check for a little over $6700. Therefore, I've already come out of pocket $3000 for some of the repairs, and still likely don't have enough with your check to even get my roof repaired. The least USAA could do is release the depreciation so I can have a chance at not coming out of pocket anymore. Its a shame that after being a loyal member for all this time that it truly just comes down to numbers and dollar signs for your organization. I honestly feel like I've been ripped off by you and I'll definitely be in search of a new insurance company that I can count on when I need them.


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