For a company that is touted as having the best customer service, this is the worst my wife and I have ever had....and its still going....

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USAA Is highly overrated. We chose them becuase they have such great reviews, well after 2 yrs of no claims we finally needed them and they fell way short. Its has been about 2 months and nothing has been resolved. I originally called out of curiousity to ask if something was covered under my homeowners insurance policy, I was told it was. I called later in the week to confirm it was covered, I again was assured that it was, so I asked what they needed from me to move forward. They told me they needed some paperwork from the plumbers I was going to have do the work and that they would take care of everything else. Well I had the plumbers come over and do the diagnistics, like they told me to. I called USAA again once I had the diagnostics and the paperwork I was told I needed and I was told some very disappointing news. I was told that not only was a claim never opened, but that the 2 other USAA agents I spoke with gave me flase information and that I actually wasnt covered. Two months later, we somehow (without our approving it or knowing it) have had 2 other claims opened and been told repeatedly conflicting information by multiple agents. After 10+ hours of phone converstions and emails of trying to get correct information, we asked to speak to a supervisor. We of course were told that none were available but that we would be getting a phone call from one-at the very latest today. Well I shouldnt be surprised, but I am- no call. 

I have started looking for other homeowners and aut insurance carriers. It wouldnt take much to find something better than USAA. And I guarantee it would be cheaper. We are so disappointed that they did not even come close to living up to their reputation.


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