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I called USAA repeatedly for a week trying to get through to an agent.  I want to BUY Insurance from them.  I finally got Chris on the phone on Friday, Oct. 19, 2018.  He gave me three quotations.  The quotations are not available on my account.  I was on the phone for another 2 hours on Saturday, Oct. 20th.  Today, I have lost my voice from my Vocal Cord Dysfunction.  So I tried to CHAT on USAA.  Not successful!  So, do they really sell Insurance or NOT?  That is the question?  I cannot believe that this is so very, very difficult to get a Quotation from a very good Insurance Company.  So, you are trying to tell me you don't want my money?  Or, that your system of computers is SO MESSED UP, it won't let me purchase it.  I am giving up and saying "uncle" for a couple of weeks until I get my voice back.  Or, someone decides they want my business.  Frustrated in PA!

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Oh no @Lost MY VOICE!  So sorry that you had lost your voice and can certainly understand your frustrations about not being able to view them online.  Being that you were given 3 quotes, you should be able to view them on USAA.com under your messages or through the top of the website link PRODUCTS > Auto Insurance > (Under Start Quote Button) Retrieve Saved Quote.  Hope this helps you on opening your saved quotes.  If unable to open, please send me a Private Message to better assist you on reviewing your quotes.  ~ Marco