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Our twenty one years with Usaa has culminated into a total feeling of betrayal especially when I think of the profit you have made on us.
You also have a claim accounted to us in a car we don’t own, 2006 hummer,
for roadside assistance 12/21. If you take the time and look over my policy you’ll see I own Toyota Tundra, Lexus RX 450H and a Ford Fiesta. You may have confuse my policy with my daughters ( Patricia Kim kulch) [removed sensitive data] W Pennsylvania St homosassa Florida [removed sensitive data]
This started when you denied my request to wave the double deductible on one vehicle that was not being operated or running at the time my wife backed into it with the Lexus. As Most respectable company’s
Do. To add, that your advertisement to the world that your family oriented treatment is a bit misrepresented in my opinion.
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