Amazing Support from Loan Officer Ricardo Angola

Raleigh Realtor
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As a USAA member and an authorized Realtor for the USAA Real Estate Rewards Program, I have been working with another USAA member who is under contract to purchase a new home in Raleigh, NC.  I am his Buyer Agent.  After being bounced between two different loan officers, I reached Ricardo late Tuesday afternoon.  He may have been the last person in the building.  His voice was very confident and soothing and I knew immediately that this was someone who was committed to resolving the issue.  With the other loan officers out of the office for the rest of the week, I didn't know who else to turn it.  I explained the current situation with the loan to him and he assured me that he would work with me to ensure the property closed on Friday as scheduled.  He told me exactly what he needed from me and I sent it to him immediately.  My client just flew to Spain for a long vacation and he trusted me to handle the details and close the transaction in his absence.  I served in the same US Army Artillery Group with Eric in Turkey in 1989 and by chance USAA linked us together for this transaction.  You need to clone Ricardo because he is an exceptional employee.  His is a role model for exceptional customer service at USAA and I am very fortunate to get the opportunity to work with him.

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