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Focus on Your Journey Not the Destination

Mar 24, 2017

We aren’t always going to love where we live, it’s inevitable. Here are a few ways to keep your head up, stay positive and even enjoy each place you find yourself.

Post Holiday Purge

Dec 29, 2016

Get motivated for a post holiday purge with these 4 simple methods!

It’s beginning to look a lot like…a Winter PCS

Dec 13, 2016

Feeling like the Grinch because of a winter move? Here are three reasons to be jolly about a holiday PCS.

Ways to Support a Friend During a PCS

Nov 1, 2016

Anyone who completes a move understands the stress and chaos it brings. After attempting to make a list of how I can help others going through this process (and coming up a bit short), I asked fellow military spouses how they received assistance or lent a hand to another family moving across the country. Their ideas are creative, kind and would be perfect for any friend preparing to move.

Time Changes and Toddler Sleep

Oct 27, 2016

Time Changes. In my house, these words are dreaded, despised and trigger visions of a toddler zombie apocalypse. Here are my favorite ideas to keep some semblance to your toddler’s existing sleep routine and sanity when traveling to a different time zone or after a time change.

Living in Germany – Meet Courtney

Oct 14, 2016

Living and working in Germany can be an enjoyable adventure. Check out our interview with Courtney, from the milspouse blog Courtney at Home. Prost!

Halloween Safety Tips for Military Families

Oct 14, 2016

When you move to a new neighborhood, or decide to venture out to a different neighborhood for the day, you have to be careful since you don’t really know the area very well. Here are a few safety reminders while taking out the kids this Halloween.

Moving is hard. Why not reward yourself in the process?

Aug 2, 2016

Welcome to the new Member Community video series, Community Chats. In this episode, JJ Montanaro, a USAA Certified Financial Planner® professional, chats with Greg Jaeger, president of USAA Residential Real Estate Services, Inc., on the current home buying and selling environment and how to use the USAA Real Estate Rewards Network.

Change of Address Checklist for Your Next Move

Jul 12, 2016

After multiple moves, the change of address process should be simple; but I found it was all too easy to forget one important change … This checklist will keep you from making the same mistakes! Happy moving!

Are You Moving?

Jun 29, 2016

Summer is upon us and with it, the prime PCS season. Are you preparing for a move or did you just complete a military move? We’d l...

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I am thankful this summer we are not preparing to move. With two young children and a dog you could not pay me enough t...
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