With in the last several months, I have had to interface with numious "USAA"emplayees ( because of a personal need )and having a hearing problem complicated that issue. However,all "USAA" emplayees, were very,very professional,understanding,helpful,and patience. Not once, were they discourteous.One emplayee, that comes to mind is a Mr. Sanchez of Alamo Ranch." I stand and applaud "USAA" and it's emplayees.


USAA provides the best customer there is. When my husband was mobilized during OIF, USAA was the only bank that facilitated my handling of the finances while he was gone. Our financial affairs remained solid during our relocation from state to state thanks to the flexibility and excellent service of its employees. When we financed our home through USAA, we could not believe how easy and painless was the financing process- not to mention that they gave us the best deal! We know that we can count on USAA for all important financial matters; USAA employees are so diligent when answering our questions, always in a professional and courteous way- from banking and insurance services, to mortage and investments. Keep up the excellent work!