Hello Guys.


Would someone explain the ways to make deposits into my account.

Thank You.




Carlo, I'm kinda of ole' school with question. If you don't have a smartphone ie: iPhone, Android, and the soon to be extinct Blackberry. You can request postage paid envelopes from USAA and mail it in. The second option is going to UPS Package store and doing it there. The last option (which I've been thinking about) is going to one of the Smart ATMs (that accepts cash and checks) and do it there. Disclaimer , I've never tried the 3rd option. I think it makes sense and it should work. If you do try it, write a check for a small amount $5.00 and run it thru. If it works Great!!!.... If it doesn't no biggie. Hope this helps. Good Luck. L
If you have a scanner you can use the website and scan them in. I like the smartphone app the best. Takes 25 seconds to scan a check. I never make cash deposits. I have a local credit union account and transfer money using that.
Usaa you can do moble deposit. You hit deposit and it will walk you thru it. It's very easy.
I've been depositing checks through the local UPS store. Always works, just not always convenient to go out there. But, thanks to @Seltzerworks and @Fishbomber, I'm going to give the iPhone or online scan a go :)