I have been a member of USAA for a couple of months during that time I have learned about the various products the offer. I am totally impressed with all that they do for us veterans. I haven't borrowed any money in so long that I don't have any credit, and recently I tried to borrow a little money but was turned down by other institutions for lack of credit. USAA took a chance on me and allowed me to get a secured credit card so that I can build credit, what a great institution for all that they do.


It's strange how we need to borrow money to create a credit rating. In my father's time, a WWII veteran, he never borrowed. Yet he was an upstanding businessman and even bought our farm in 1959 with a handshake and a promise to pay the previous owner with a cash down payment and cash payment each month. Those times are sure gone. But USAA understands this sort of quality. The quality of people who have sacrificed for our country and thus giving them the best possible service.