Im very disappointed in usaa I applied for a small loan and was denied I have been a member for over 8 years what does one have to do to get some financial help


Earn good to excellent credit by paying your bills consistently and on time. Never had an issue getting a low interest rate loan from usaa ever. I've bought 4 cars and two homes and usaa has financed them all.
Length of membership has nothing to do with being approved for any loan. Criteria like income, credit score/history, debt to income, loan to value, ability to repay, etc are used to determine your application approval or denial. Length of membership may earn you a perk on a loan.

We're sorry to hear that we weren't able to assist you with your recent loan request. If you'd like to discuss the decision in greater detail, please send a message using this link.

My husband and I have also applied for loans through USAA and have been denied EVERY time. I will admit that I have not the greatest of credit however my husband's is near flawless but still were denied because we wanted LESS than the USAA MIN of 2500 dollars. I love USAA But I'm really starting to look around for a different insurer that actually keeps the prices down and even actually gives dividends and snap shots er whatever and go back to a credit union.

USAA loves you when you deposit money.  However, if you need a loan forget it.  They only want to help those that borrow large amounts.  I needed a small loan to travel to visit my daughter.  I only asked for the lowest amount.  There is no problems with my credit.  Unfortunately USAA only looks at a member as a number not as a person, an individual, just a number. I have been with USAA almost 20 years.  I never missed a payment on my credit card, or bounced a check or anything.  Funny when I needed a car loan, they granted that to me.  I never missed a payment and even paid it off early.  When I called to ask about the personal loan, the lady I spoke with was so rude.  She just said over and over that I was denied and then just wanted to get rid of my call by saying "Is there anything else", and I said no and she hung up.  My parents have been part of USAA since the time they began.  They boost they are family oriented, but they are not.