I'm getting pretty frustrated that USAA has not made an app for windows 8 phones. They had one for windows 7. Its been almost a year now. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.


Fortunately my wife has a WP7, so I can use hers.  But ya, it's past time for WP8 app. 

I just want to add to the list of Windows phone users waiting for a USAA app for Win8.  I've grown wary of all the privacy violations in the Android world and switched to the Windows phone.  (I'll never be Apple sauce... )  I think the migration will be slow but steady.  The only-only-only thing I don't have on it that I truly miss is the secure USAA app that let's me deposit checks via my phone.  That says a lot... so yeah... can we get a Win8 app please?



And maybe consider NFC payments for the wallet hub as well? That would be nice.

I agree. Please get a WP8 app.

Add me to those frustrated that Windows Phone 8 community members are being ignored.  Blackberry? Dying market. iPhone? Stagnant. Android? Declining slightly.  The only smartphone segment that is growing is the Windows Phone.  We need an app, please!

So what's the deal? Where's the windows phone 8 app? I'm a very frustrated customer. At least let me use the wp7 app. I can't even download that anymore. So what's the deal? Is my business not important to you anymore because I choose to us a different phone OS?

If the dates on these posts are accurate, there are 7 people just this week who have complained about the lack of a WP8 app.   I am now one of them.  I have an older WP7 phone that I have to keep around for the sole purpose of the USAA app.   Give us a WP8 app for heaven's sake!

Agree the fact that the mobile banking app is only avaible for:

  • iPad                  
  • iPhone                   
  • Android                  
  • BlackBerry

What s the reasoning for not supplying us customers with windows devices with moblie banking??


I have even called and spoke to a rep and asked why there is no support for windows phones. There was not a good answer. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!



I was super impress how the Win7 phone had a USAA app right off the bat.  I'm very frustrated that there is no USAA app for the Win8 phone.  Please update the app and make it available.