My husband is in Korea until September, but we agreed that I should move before he comes home. We want me moved as soon as possible, but we don't know if there is anything special we need to take care of for me to move.We have been on our own basically since we got married shortly before he left and we didn't get to ask many questions. Can anyone help?


As an Active-Duty Army spouse, my suggestion would be to contact your installation's Family Readiness Group if you are on an Air Force Base or near one. If you can't locate one, contact your husband's Rear Detachment First Sergeant if he is deployed. Air Force regulations may be slightly different, but in the Army, you can do a DITY move if your spouse has orders, which is when the government reimburses you for moving yourself. OR, if your spouse has orders, the government will move you. If you are moving within the state that you are currently living, I would suggest a DITY move. If you are moving out of state, I would let the government handle it because it is so much easier. Further, in my own opinion, I would wait until my spouse returned home before I moved. Only because it is already stressful enough keeping things together on the homefront. Moving will just add more stress on you. Just my opinion. Good Luck!

I couldnt tell when this post was made but my husband and I were stationed at Hurlburt from '03 to 2011 which is about a ten minute drive from Eglin AFB. If you  need any help in the area I would be more than happy to help out. I am still in the area also util april when we move to our new station