I have been a member of Usaa for a short period of time and was really impressed with how well they handled a claim for a dear friend who's house was destroyed by a tornado.I thought they went above and beyond  taking care of them.

Fast forward to the present and I now can't believe the same company would do me so unfairly for an auto claim.

I was involved in an auto accident (no fault on my part) my vehicle was determined to be totaled by Usaa and they told the their assessed value minus other found devaluations(what ever they where) I was not ever given an explination of how they assessed the damages pre existing. 

Suffice to say I was presented with an settlement  below whole sale value, the accident was not my fault and the other guys insurance is responsible but Usaa would not even fight to get me a fair market value for my vehicle.

 This has left a very sour taste in my mouth for Usaa and the way it does business. I will be reevaluating my relationship with this company after my claim is settled.  


I've found that USAA does a lot of things well but not everything. Similar situation happened to us but the person who hit my vehicle had USAA as well! It then became the battle of the adjusters and they totally forgot about me as a member. I was a very unhappy camper to say the least!

USAA car insurance is not great and priced to high. I would shop around for better competitiors. They offer better rates and give way better breaks for people that have been with them for awhile. The only reason alot of people stay with there coverage with USAA is convienence. Everything in one place keeps the mind at ease even if your paying more for less...