just a kid

I was fresh out of High School and in Tech school in 2002. I was having issues with B.O.A with undisclosed atm charges and said I'm done. I started talking to some higher ups who had been in for a while and they all said call USAA. I did and found out that for Military personel USAA was the only thing that made sense becasue they cater to the unique needs of those who serve. And for someone who was BRAND new to the military that was something I took comfort in. Now 8 years and a 6 month deployment in 2007 to afghanistan later I can say that I am sooooooo happy with the way USAA takes care of it's members. Basically, the bottom line is this...Any financial institution can store your money or provide you with financial/insurance service. But it takes an institution started by military members who understand the military life and who only employ people with military backgrounds to understand just how quickly you can go from sleeping in your own bed in your house to being half-way around the world sleeping in a F.O.B in 18 hours.
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