well i been homeless since feb 10 2014.  they have homeless shelter like a tent for homeless veterans. but one day was enough for me. it was filled with sick people and the place stink really bad. but it was good enough to put ur head to sleep at night. after that i been sleeping in my car and waiitng for the VA rep to call me for my disability diagnosis. life sux. people put out fancy words for help for veterAns but everywhere i go i got nothing but disapoinment. i dont meet certain criteria. i am jobless, homeless and i have no food to eat. what other criteria could there be possibly be? its not all black and white as they put out in preseparation class. they just came and do their job and get paid for what they were told to do. noone cares. you are pretty much on ur own. this is a selfish world. 


I'm so sorry that you are struggling! I don't know if they could help but have you spoken to a base Chaplin? Sometimes they have access to resources that may not be advertised.i truly hope that you get the help and support you need and deserve.
Where are you located
go to a community rec center, they usually have a list of resources.